Apple quietly removed iPhone Live Wallpapers in iOS 16: here’s why they did it

Apple quietly removed iPhone Live Wallpapers in iOS 16 – Apple has quietly removed one of its most popular features in the latest version of iOS. iPhones with the latest iOS 16 no longer offer live wallpapers. Therefore, the company decided to make this change. For those of you who don’t know, the Cupertino-based giant first introduced the feature five years ago in iOS 11, and many of his iPhone owners are taking advantage of it. However, the brand still removed the feature, which included Apple’s official dynamic wallpaper. A dynamic wallpaper is basically a wallpaper that moves around the lock screen.

To activate this feature, all I had to do was press and hold the display to see the live wallpaper move. Apple quietly removed iPhone Live Wallpapers in iOS 16, which was released in July 2017. These special effects were designed to make your home screen look more interesting and engaging. Instead of using them, you’ll now be prompted to select from a list of preset themes that are preloaded on the iPhone. This change may come as a disappointment to those who enjoyed using these special effects but it’s probably for the best since they were likely doing more harm than good.

Apple removed iPhone Live Wallpapers in iOS 16

With iOS 16, it is no longer possible to set a live animated wallpaper on the lock screen, which is very popular among users. So why did Apple remove Live Wallpapers from iOS 16?Apple Explained YouTuber Greg Wyatt Jr. answered the question and said it was related to the gesture required to move the lock screen wallpaper. said. Let’s take a quick look at the points he made when Apple quietly disabled this feature.

But this clearly became a problem when the company decided to bring the customizable lock screen feature it previously offered on the Apple Watch to the iPhone as well. The customizable lock screen also worked by long-pressing the display, so the iPhone makers seem to have removed the old feature. The change also brings the company’s two product lines closer together. Apple has decided to remove this feature in favor of more customizable options. You can still use beautiful custom backgrounds and home screens, but now you have to do a bit more work to find the perfect one.

Apple quietly removed iPhone Live Wallpapers in iOS 16

iPhone Live Wallpapers Overview 2023

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Why Apple removed Live Wallpapers?

Apple started offering live wallpapers five years ago with iOS 11, and with the release of iOS 16, the company quietly retired the feature. This included Apple’s official dynamic wallpaper that moves around the lock screen. Users had to press and hold the display to see the live wallpaper move, which became a problem when Apple decided to offer customizable lock screens And there lies the problem.

To bring the custom lock screen feature to the iPhone, Apple either added a new gesture to trigger it or removed the live wallpaper feature altogether, allowing a long press to bring up the custom lock screen interface. is needed. The YouTuber said Apple values ​​consistency and seamlessness over many features. Therefore, removing the live wallpaper makes sense as it unifies the user experience of the iPhone and Apple Watch and makes it easier to work with each device.

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How to use the new Apple live wallpapers?

Live wallpapers are no longer available, but there are still dynamic and animated wallpapers that add movement to your lock screen and are easily accessible. To use it, simply follow these steps:

  1. Turn on your iPhone.
  2. Press your finger on the lock screen.
  3. Tap the + button in the bottom right corner to access the customization menu.
  4. Find your favorite wallpaper.
  5. Click Apply and the new wallpaper will be installed immediately.

Astronomy and weather live wallpaper is probably the best live wallpaper for iOS 16. Not only are they interactive, they use your location to give you the most accurate information available.

Apple quietly removed iPhone Live Wallpapers in iOS 16 Reviews

Apple release of iOS 16, users reported that live wallpapers had been disabled on their devices. Some users reported that they could no longer access the feature or set up new ones after upgrading their operating system version. Others observed that references to live wallpapers had been removed from Apple’s website and support pages. This suggests that Apple is planning to remove this feature from future versions of its mobile operating system.


Are you still using iPhone Live Wallpapers in your daily routine? If not, you may want to consider doing so. Apple quietly removed the feature from iOS 16, which means that those beautiful animated backgrounds are no longer available for users to download from the App Store.

We have to give Apple kudos for making the decision to retire this feature. These live wallpapers were never a particularly good fit with the design of current-generation iPhones and iPads, and it made sense Plus, you can use advanced wallpaper tools in Settings to create custom background images using your own photos or content. Overall, we think it’s a win-win scenario: You get more flexibility in choosing your wallpaper and Apple gets to focus on delivering high-quality products instead of trying to shoehorn in extras like live wallpapers.

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Apple quietly removed iPhone Live Wallpapers in iOS 16 FAQ’S

Did Apple remove some wallpapers?

Apple has quietly removed the older Dynamic Wallpapers and Live Wallpapers from the operating system. So if you liked setting dark and light wallpapers on your iPhone, the whole thing is now available in a dedicated menu under the wallpaper section.

Are live wallpapers removed in iOS 16?

Apple started offering Live Wallpapers five years ago with iOS 11, and with the release of iOS 16, the company quietly took away this feature, which also included Apple's official Dynamic Wallpapers that moved on the lock screen.

What is the use of live wallpaper?

The Android operating system allows for live wallpapers, which are animated or interactive scenes that work as your phone's home screen image. These are eye-catching as well as functional, providing dynamic backgrounds that feature minimal textures, weather-based animations, and outer space or deep sea wonders.

Does Live wallpaper need Face ID?

Live Wallpapers Doesn't work without Face ID in the locked screen.

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