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AP Grama Sachivalayam Login- The state government of Andhra Pradesh works to spread administration across all levels, including villages and mandals. The distribution contributes to the state’s management and gives residents a sense of participation in government activities. From local levels, individuals can voice their complaints and take part in state-building activities. Through Chief Minister Sri YS Jagan Mohan Reddy, the Andhra Pradesh government has established positions for efficient and dependable village secretariats.

In Andhra Pradesh, the Grama Sachivalayam, or village secretariats, play a unique role in assisting decentralization of administration. The AP government is able to provide services like welfare programs, government projects, and 500 services in 35 government departments thanks to the secretariat. Through the GSWS (Grama Sachivalayam Village/secretariat system), residents of the AP state can access various government departments.

AP Grama Sachivalayam Login

To run the town secretariat, the public authority allocates town volunteers. State residents are eligible to apply for regularly advertised positions. GSWS hires qualified individuals for its services after the recruitments for village secretariats are made public. The user must sign in to the GSWS portal to use various services. Employees and citizens of Grama Sachivalayam can log in by following the straightforward instructions in the guide. The Andhra Pradesh state government is making improvements that will benefit all state residents, particularly those living in rural and agrarian areas. A new system that provides various services to all village residents has been implemented by the government.

AP Grama Sachivalayam, an online resource for the study and research of agriculture in India. The site provides information about the country’s food production, agricultural practices, and related issues. You can browse through content on topics such as climate and weather, plant biodiversity, and crop yields. You can also search for relevant articles, images, and videos by keyword or topic. In addition to articles and resources, the site features a forum for discussing issues related to agriculture in India with other users. So if you are looking for a place to learn more about this important sector of the economy, the AP Grama Sachivalayam is a great place to start.

AP Grama Sachivalayam Login

AP Grama Sachivalayam Login Details 2023

Name Of Article AP Grama Sachivalayam Login
Year 2023
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Official Website www.gramawardsachivalayam.ap.gov.in

About AP Grama Sachivalayam

The AP government has set up a last-mile public service delivery system that works through more than 15,000 “secretariats” at the village level. These “secretariats” are meant to be a one-stop shop for all issues at the village level with government programs and services. These more than 15,000 secretariats are spread out across the state and employ 1.5 million government employees through a competitive selection process. The Grama Sachivalayam & Ward Sachivalayam Department (GSWS) was established to manage this enormous government apparatus.

AP Grama Sachivalayam (APGS) is an agricultural college located in Chittoor, Andhra Pradesh, India. It was established in 1959 by the Government of Andhra Pradesh to provide education and training in agricultural sciences. The college offers undergraduate and postgraduate programs in various fields, including agriculture, animal science, fisheries, forestry, food technology, and horticulture. The campus is spread over .

AP GS offers a wide range of courses to meet the needs of a diverse student population. The college has a well-established teaching faculty with expertise in their respective fields. Students can also take part in interdisciplinary research projects at the university level. AP GS offers many facilities for students, including laboratories and training farms for learning hands-on skills. The college also hosts national and international conferences to promote research and exchange ideas between students and leading experts in the field.

AP Grama Sachivalayam login

AP Grama Sachivalayam, an online community platform designed to help students analyze and critique the work of their peers. You can use this site to post assignments, ask questions, and track the progress of your classmates. In addition, you can access tools such as a plagiarism detector, peer-review system, and a grade-calculation tool.

  • YSR pension Kaanuka.
  • YSR Pelli Kanuka
  • AP Ration card
  • AP Rice card (New)
  • House allocations
  • Updating Aadhaar.
  • Clean drinking water connection.
  • All government civil work.
  • Marketing farmer’s produce.
  • All daily and poultry produce.
  • Health and medical services
  • Funeral details

On January 26, 2020, this system, which houses more than 500 services from both the government and outside the government, went live in full. It serves poor and local residents at the village level by covering 35 government departments. Regarding the prestigious Grama Sachivalayam village/ward secretariat system, it is an initiative that reaches all families and transforms the AP government into a people’s government.  www.gramawardsachivalayam.ap.gov.in is the official Andhra Pradesh Grama Ward Sachivalayam login site.

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Structure of AP Grama Ward Sachivalayams

In the state, the AP government established 3842 ward Sachivalayams. The regulatory secretary administers every one of the wards. The ANM, JNM, ladies police all ought to have an impact in the ward secretary capabilities. To assist the people of the village, the government estimates that 500-600 houses 10-12 volunteers and ten secretaries. The AP government aims to reach as many people as possible within 72 hours. Additionally, they have hired a number of program participants to work for two years.

Only employees have access to the Grama Ward Sachivalayam website. Although it will function properly, the portal is not yet accessible to the general public. Users will soon be able to access services, log in, and registration information. However, the toll-free number 1902, which is accessible to all portal users, can be used to submit any complaint.

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Available Programs on the GSWS Portal (some)

  • YSR pension Kaanuka
  • YSR Pelli Kanuka
  • Government departments
  • Funeral data
  • Health and medical services.
  • Aadhaar services
  • Ration card
  • AP Rice card
  • Marketing farmer’s produce.

There are over 500 different services offered by the Grama Sachivalayam village secretariat system, both government and non-government. The services are provided by 35 departments within the AP government, providing village residents with full service right at their doorstep.

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Gramawardsachivalayam.ap.gov.in is a community based website which provides information on various grama sabha awards such as Grama Awards, GSWs, etc. The website is maintained by the Government of India and thus, it is a reliable source of information. It contains information on various categories such as Best Grama, Best Grama Sabha, etc. The website also provides detailed information on various grama sabha awards and their eligibility criteria, along with contact details for further queries. Overall, Gramawardsachivalayam.ap.gov.in is a useful and reliable resource for those who are looking to know more about grama sabha awards in India.

Employee Login

  • Follow the link to the Grama Sachivalayam ward/village system at www.gramawardsachivalayam.ap.gov.in
  • There are a number of options on this page: To continue, select the “login” option.
  • Employee and citizen logins will be displayed by two options.
  • Click the “representative login” choice and enter login certifications.
  • To access the page, enter the username, password, and captcha code.
  • The employee can use the portal to perform multiple services once they are logged in.

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How to Reset Employee login password?

If you are a member of the Gramawardsachivalayam.ap.gov.in Reset Employee login password team and need to reset an employee’s login password, please contact us through our contact form. We will be happy to assist you in resetting the password and ensuring that their account is secure and protected. In most cases, we can provide assistance by providing you with detailed instructions on how to reset the password or resetting it for you. We also provide additional security measures such as two-factor authentication and advanced firewall protection that can help ensure that your employee’s account is safe and secure. So please feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions or concerns about resetting employee passwords.

  • To access the login page, navigate to the official GSWS website.
  • Go to the “failed to remember secret phrase” choice under the login now choice.
  • Link directly: A new page will open at www.gramawardsachivalayam.ap.gov.in
  • To continue, enter your registered username.
  • The system will send a link to reset your password.
  • To create a new password, use the link.

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GSWS Citizen Login

  • Open the GSWS web-based interface and select the login choice.
  • The login page will open once more and present two login options.
  • After that, enter the captcha code and Aadhaar number that are displayed on the page.
  • To receive an OTP on the registered mobile number, select the “send OTP” option.
  • To access the page, enter the OTP.
  • The user has online access to a variety of options and services after accessing the page.

GSWS Dashboard

On the GSWS portal, the following services are available to AP residents:

  • Visit the GSWS web-based interface and continue to the landing page menu.
  • Enter your username and secret word to get to the GSWS account page.
  • To access additional options, select the “learning corner” option.
  • Select the “citizen charter” options after clicking the “citizen corner” tab.
  • All GSWS services at the ward and village levels will be available under the options.


In conclusion, the AP Grama Sachivalayam is a great platform for aspiring students to develop their skills and enhance their knowledge. It provides an opportunity for young people to gain hands-on experience and develop critical thinking skills. The program also provides an opportunity to network with industry leaders, policymakers, and other professionals in a supportive environment. All of this helps students prepare for future careers and leads to a successful career path.

The AP Grama Sachivalayam is a non-profit organization that was founded in 2023 by the Government of Andhra Pradesh. It is managed by an independent board of directors and run by a team of dedicated professionals. The organization works alongside government agencies and educational institutions to provide opportunities to young people in the state.

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