Amazon Alexa Turns 3 in India, Echo Sale, Alexa Upcoming Features

Amazon Alexa Turns 3 in India – Amazon is commemorating the third birthday of Alexa, its virtual assistant. The company will provide discounts to customers on the top-selling Echo products and bundles for 24 hours starting on February 15 to mark the event. The majority of Alexa users in India come from non-metropolitan areas, according to Puneesh Kumar, Country Leader for Alexa at Amazon India, who spoke with Gadgets 360. According to the article, the corporation is trying to support vernacular languages for the assistant. In this article, we’ll examine Alexa’s development in the nation over time and its future goals.

Amazon launched its virtual assistant Alexa in India, where the company claims it quickly became the most popular voice service. Since the first release of the Alexa-enabled Echo devices in 2017, a variety of Echo smart devices have been introduced in the nation. A large number of Echo products have been reduced in price by the firm in honor of Alexa’s third anniversary in India. The deal will start at 12 AM on February 15 and run for 24 hours. The e-commerce behemoth also claims that there will be some deals on bundles for smart homes. For those who want to begin their road toward a smart home, this is a fantastic opportunity.

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Amazon Alexa Turns 3 in India

Amazon Alexa will celebrate its third birthday in 2021, the smart assistant is at an all-time feature high! On February 15, it will be three years since Amazon made Alexa and Echo devices available in India, and the intelligent voice assistant has not looked back since. The clever voice assistant, which gained popularity quickly among users, was a great comfort to those feeling sad during the coronavirus lockdown. To commemorate this achievement, Amazon has now scheduled a 24-hour blockbuster sale that will begin on February 15 at 12 a.m. Users may now purchase their preferred Alexa or Echo gadgets on the Amazon India website.

The third-generation Amazon Echo Dot voice-activated smart speaker with Alexa is ideal for rapidly transforming your room into a smart home. Simply plug up the device and download the Alexa app to your mobile device from the Play Store or App Store to get started. The built-in speaker on this smart device is clear and powerful, and it can also be connected to additional speakers by Bluetooth or a 3.5mm audio connection. Four far-field microphones on the Amazon Echo Dot use beam-forming technology and improved noise cancellation to pick up your voice from across the room, even in noisy settings or when playing music.

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Amazon Alexa Turns 3 in India 

Amazon Alexa Turns 3 in India Details

BrandAmazon Alexa Turns 3
ModelAmazon Alexa Turns 3rd
Official SiteAlexa

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Echo Show 5 at Rs 4,499, Echo Auto at Rs 2,999 and More Deals

It’s been a big year for Amazon’s Echo devices – the Echo Show 5 was recently launched in India, Echo Auto was announced, and a slew of new deals were announced. Here’s a roundup of the latest news and deals around Amazon’s Echo devices:

Starting with the Echo Show 5, the touch-screen smart home device will be offered at a discounted price of just Rs 4,499. The Amazon Echo Auto will be available for Rs 2,999, which is the lowest price it has ever been, while the brand-new Echo (4th Gen) costs Rs 6,499.

  • Echo Show 5 for Rs 4,499 (50% off), original price- Rs 8,999
  • Echo Auto for just Rs 2,999 (40% off), original price- Rs 4,999
  • Echo (4th Generation) for Rs 6,499, original price- Rs 9,999
  • Echo Dot (4th Generation)+Smart Bulb for Rs 3,499
  • Echo Dot (4th Generation) Twin Pack Smart Bulb for Rs 5,449
  • Amazon Smart Plug for Rs 499 when purchased with any Echo speaker

In addition to these discounts, Amazon claims that its Echo line of smart devices will be up to 40% off. The cost of the Echo Dot (4th Gen) twin pack & smart bulb is Rs 5,449, whereas the Echo Dot (4th Gen) with a smart bulb is only Rs 3,499. If you buy the Amazon Smart Plug along with any Echo smart speaker, the price drops from Rs 1,999 to Rs 499.

Vernacular language support

Amazon presently offers Hindi and Hinglish capabilities for Alexa speech assistant (a mixture of Hindi and English). Given that India is a nation with many different official languages, even while this is a step in the right direction, there is still a long way to go. The company intends to add support for news in 12 regional languages, but the article claims that it is not yet prepared to offer a language roadmap for full-fledged vernacular language support and that the function won’t be available for a very long time.

Smartphone support

Over 100 third-party devices, including smartphones, automobiles, ear buds, and more, are currently supported by Alexa. It’s interesting that while supporting such a broad range of devices, the voice assistant only works with six smartphones. According to the report, the corporation wants Alexa to be available everywhere and is working to increase this number.

Customer behavior

According to the article, which quotes Kumar, client interactions with Alexa have climbed 67 percent from 2019 to 2020. Customers tell Alexa they adore her 19,000 times every day, with Baby Shark, and the Hanuman Chalisa being the most often requested tunes.


According to the research, Amazon has significantly improved its privacy practices during the past 12 months. Even more, the business introduced the Privacy Hub, which informs clients about privacy, data storage, recordings, and other topics. Users can now view their whole interaction history with and delete their recordings simultaneously.

Upcoming features

Alexa will soon get a lot of new capabilities from Amazon. These features include Audible Suno, Rekhta, the largest collection of Urdu Shayari in the world, a new Macmillan skill to assist users in learning English, and more. Amitabh Bachchan’s voice for the Indian assistant is also being worked on.

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Description Amazon Echo Dot (3rd) New and Improved

A smart speaker with Alexa that can be voice-controlled and used in every room is the Echo Dot. Just ask to manage compatible smart home devices, get music, news, information, and more. Use the clear and powerful built-in speaker or pair the Echo Dot with any speakers you already possess using Bluetooth or a 3.5mm audio wire.

Meet Alexa, the brain behind Echo

The Echo Dot’s artificial intelligence, Alexa, was created in the cloud and is constantly learning new things. Alexa adjusts to your speaking patterns and vocabulary the more you use Dot. Asking a query and receiving an immediate answer from Alexa is how to use her.

Make everyday easier

The Echo Dot is a practical addition to any room in the house thanks to its sleek and small design. Dot may be placed in the bedroom and used to turn out the lights, play music, and set alarms. To monitor the news, sports results, calendar, and movie show times, place it in the living room. You could even use it in the kitchen to set timers, make lists, and use your voice to search through millions of things on Amazon.

Voice control your home

Without moving a finger or even raising your voice, use Echo Dot to turn on the geyser before getting out of bed or lower the lights from the couch to watch a movie. The Echo Dot is compatible with smart home products that are Wi-Fi-based or come with their own hub. Using “Routines,” you can use a single voice command to activate the AC and turn off the lights every night, or schedule numerous devices to turn on and off at specific times.

Alexa Communication

Echo device or the Alexa app by using the Echo Dot. Just tell Alexa to contact Mom or leave a brief voicemail for a friend. Any content can be broadcast to all of your Echo devices. Your family will be informed if you simply say, “Alexa, announce that I am heading home,” through the Alexa app. Connect right away to other Echo devices in your home or your nearest loved ones and friends. Download the Alexa app for iOS or Android to get started.

Even better with Prime

Amazon Prime members get access to Amazon Prime Music, an ad-free music streaming service. Prime members can also order millions of products using only voice, enjoy free fast delivery on eligible Prime orders, and can even track delivery through Alexa.

Alexa has skills

Alexa has more than 15,000 skills and counting. Skills add capabilities to your Echo device. Skills can help you stay updated with the latest news, request a ride from Ola, listen to All India Radio and more.

The Alexa domination

Amazon didn’t mess around when it debuted Alexa. It has introduced Alexa functionality to its Amazon Fire Stick in addition to Alexa-enabled Echo devices over time. While the Fire Stick assisted in converting conventional televisions into Smart TVs, Alexa assistance increased accessibility and convenience. Not only that, but around this time, Alexa functionality was added to gadgets like headphones and fitness trackers. But it seems that wasn’t the end because Amazon later released Smart Plugs in India, which work with Alexa and let customers operate any plugged-in gadget with only a voice command. Alexa compatibility is also used to operate smart lighting systems and other home appliances. In reality, according to the data released by Amazon, in 2020, users controlled home gadgets like ACs and smart lights and fans through Alexa about 8.6 lakh times a day.


Today is a special day for Amazon Alexa – it has reached a major milestone in its young life! Alexa turned 3 years old and to celebrate, Amazon has a few exciting deals available for Echo Show 5, Echo Auto and more. Check out the list of deals below and don’t miss out on your chance to get your hands on an Echo device!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if my Echo needs updating?

Tap Settings from the top of the screen or go to Settings in settings. Select the device's options. To check for and install software updates, go to Select Check for Software Updates.

Do you have to update your Amazon Alexa?

Every Echo Dot needs to be updated eventually, as Amazon does release software updates from time to time.

Does Amazon Echo update automatically?

When linked to the Internet, Alexa-enabled devices receive software upgrades automatically.

How long will Alexa be supported?

Alexa Internet was created 25 years ago. We made the difficult decision to retire on 2024, after two decades of helping you find, reach, and convert your digital audience.

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