Amazfit Balance Review: Design, Display, Features, UI, App Connectivity, Usage, Performance And Battery

Amazfit Balance Review: Our lives are becoming increasingly dominated by AI. Therefore, it was only a matter of time until it got to your wrist. The Amazfit Balance is being marketed as an AI smartwatch; however, before I get into that, I have to inform you that the product pleasantly surprises from the outset.

Amazfit Balance Review 2024

It is a premium fitness-focused smartwatch with a price tag of Rs 24,990, placing it in the premium category. While the reasonable section is chockablock with choices, things get interesting when one maneuvers up the cost stepping stool, and the Equilibrium appears to have the stuff to seem to be a convincing choice.

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Amazfit Balance Review

Amazfit Balance Review Details

Article NameAmazfit Balance Review
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Design And Display

One of the main things you’d see about the Amazfit Equilibrium is the manner by which incredibly lightweight it is. It only weighs 35 grams in spite of its substantial metal case. My review unit comes standard with a nylon strap, which adds just a few more grams to that. The mix looks premium and rich on the wrist, and stands apart without being excessively ostentatious. The roundabout bit case sports standard drags, set 22mm separated.

On the right, you’ll find a turning crown towards the top, and an equipment key put somewhat lower. a speaker on the left and a microphone positioned toward the bottom on the right. The back is enhanced with sensors, alongside several pogo pins that empower charging when they interact with their mates on the charging support. The 1.5-inch, 480 x 480-pixel AMOLED display is very bright and can be seen clearly outside. In addition to having an anti-fingerprint coating, it is said to be made of tempered glass for enhanced scratch resistance. It is also extremely responsive.


The Amazfit Balance is a premium fitness-focused smartwatch with a lot of features. Zepp OS 3.5, Amazfit’s platform with its own app store, is used on it. Zepp Flow, an AI assistant that can respond to voice commands to control watch functions and provide information, adds AI capabilities. To a greater degree toward this in a little. Furthermore, the Amazfit Equilibrium additionally incorporates support for Amazon Alexa. The Equilibrium offers the standard suit of shrewd highlights — Bluetooth calling, warnings from a matched cell phone, climate, cautions, clock, stopwatch, schedule, tasks, world clock, compass and so on.

Curiously, there’s a voice reminder highlight that permits you to record voice notes or in any event, meeting discussions straightforwardly on the watch. This can be used on its own, and the voice recording can be played through the speaker on the watch, through Bluetooth earphones that are connected, or transferred to the phone through the companion app. The watch likewise has a music player that can play MP3 records disconnected, after you’ve moved them to the watch’s local stockpiling through the application. The user can also add their membership or loyalty cards to the app, which they can then use directly on the watch screen.


The device can withstand 5ATM of water and supports six positioning systems in addition to dual-band positioning. The broad combination of wellbeing and wellness highlights on board incorporate every one of the fundamental ones, for example, observing advances, pulse (counting pulse inconstancy), rest, SpO2, stress, and so on, alongside help for an entire bundle of sports and proactive tasks, and ladies’ wellbeing highlights too. Meditation and breathing exercises are also options. The Amazfit Balance does not have an ECG feature, but it does allow you to measure skin temperature and metrics like BMI, which cover body composition with information on skeletal muscle, bone mass, and other things. This gives you useful insights into the areas where you can make improvements.

UI and app Connectivity

The watch UI is clear and works incredibly without a hitch, with next to no jitter or slack. The quick settings panel appears when you swipe the screen down, notifications appear when you swipe up, and widgets appear when you swipe the screen sideways. The crown works: pressing it opens the app drawer, and rotating it scrolls through menu options and lists. The button underneath is set to send off exercises of course, however you can alter it to send off another application fitting your personal preference. The long-press activity of the crown can be modified also. The Equilibrium utilizes the Zepp application to coordinate with an iPhone or an Android telephone. It is a packed and busy app, so for first-time users, it might seem a little overwhelming. Once you figure out where everything is, things become easier.

The connection point is separated into four tabs — home, rest, exercise and profile, with the first giving you an elevated perspective of your movement and wellbeing information, as caught by the watch. The Zepp app gives you detailed data points and metrics for everything from sleep to exercise that can be useful, especially if you look at trends over longer time periods. Consistently, the rest examination remembers data for profound rest, REM rest, pulse, breathing quality, respiratory rate and so on. In a similar vein, delving deeper into the workout data reveals points that could be helpful to marathon runners and athletes.

Along with the usual metrics like pace, steps, duration. So on, the data I collected from my walking exercises include figures on cadence, altitude, stride, and more. The app also calculates a numerical value called “PAI” as a metric. Your overall health based on your specific data and proprietary algorithms as well as a metric of your overall health. While I didn’t find a lot of purpose for it. I think the Status score presented by the application could be valuable. Based on how much activity and sleep you got the day before. The latter shows how prepared you are for the day ahead.

Regarding customisation, the application gives admittance to a lot of downloadable watch faces, with a significant number of them being paid ones. However, if you spend some time looking through the available options, you should also be able to find free ones. Users can even access an app store through the Zepp app, which allows them to download apps to their watches. However, there is a slight lack of variety among the available apps. Amazfit can do a little more in this area.

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Usage, performance And Battery

In general, the smart features and health and activity tracker of the Amazfit Balance perform admirably. The app’s insights were also very helpful, and I found the activity data to be quite accurate. As always, you can use Amazon’s voice assistant to get weather updates. Do web searches, control compatible smart home devices, and more. Of course, the support for Alexa is welcome. Nonetheless, the Amazfit Equilibrium additionally gives admittance to Zepp Stream. An artificial intelligence instrument that can play out specific activities utilizing voice orders. It can be accessed by long-pressing on the crown, using its own icon in the app drawer, or through a shortcut widget that appears when you swipe right on the watch face.

Utilizing Zepp Stream, you can utilize normal language voice orders to check your wellbeing information, begin exercises. Control watch settings, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. Given how AI is becoming more and more integrated into every facet of our lives, I wouldn’t call it a game-changer just yet. However, I do believe it is a positive development nonetheless. In point of fact, Amazfit Balance also provides Zepp Coach, an AI coach feature that creates a bespoke training plan for you based on your objectives.

The speaker on the Amazfit Equilibrium merits unique notice — it’s perhaps the most intense and most clear smartwatch speaker I’ve heard at this point. It functions admirably for Bluetooth calls, however might play music put away locally on the watch. Moving on to the device’s battery life, which adds yet another flourish to its already impressive profile. While the brand guarantees as long as 14 days of purpose on a solitary charge, I received approximately 10 days in return utilizing default settings. which is very great.

My use included 30 minutes of GPS-based exercises five days per week. While the battery duration is supposed to be lower assuming elements like AoD are turned on and GPS is utilized broadly, it’s still very great. I think you should be able to get by with charging it once a week, if not more.


Obviously the Amazfit Equilibrium packs in a lot. Brings a great deal to the table to anybody searching for a wellness first smartwatch. It competes with devices like the OnePlus Watch 2 (review) at its asking price of Rs 24,999. Both have their upsides and downsides, yet the OnePlus offering looks more premium and sharp. While its Wear operating system stage is better as far as the application environment and joining with Google administrations.

Both the OnePlus Watch 2 and the Amazfit Equilibrium, in any case. Pass up more modest estimated variations and deal no cell choices by the same token. Generally, the Amazfit Equilibrium hangs out in viewpoints like solace. Battery duration, and wellness highlights, and seems to be a convincing wellness smartwatch.

Amazfit Balance Review FAQ’S

Is the Amazfit Balance accurate?

Our Amazfit Balance accurately identified all peaks and drops in heart rate.

Can Amazfit Balance make calls?

Yes, it supports Bluetooth phone calls, message notifications, and quick replies for Android users.

Is Amazfit really good?

This smartwatch has exceeded my expectations in every way, making it deserving of a solid 5-star review.

Is Amazfit Balance waterproof?

The device is dustproof and water-resistant. Water-resistant devices can resist the penetration of water, such as powerful water jets, but not being submerged into water.

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