Get All States BSNL Message Center /SMS Center Number Details

All States BSNL Message Center: Are you looking for all the BSNL message center number details and states wise message center number overview? If your answer is yes then this blog is for you! In this blog, we will discuss all the details of the various message center numbers of BSNL and their states. We will also discuss the various message center services and user interface of each message center number. So, if you are looking for information on any of the BSNL message center number then please stay tuned.

If the problem you are facing is due to the mobile center number, then here we have listed the circle-wise BSNL message center numbers for you. Sometimes we need to use SMS or offline Message service on our phones. But If the Message Center Number or SMSC number is expired or changed by mistake, you will see you cant send/receive any SMS.

Get All States BSNL Message Center

If you are not able to send any SMS then there are multiple possible reasons why this is happening. for example, your SMS Plan is expired, or you don’t have sufficient balance to send that SMS, or by mistake, the SMSC number or the Message Center Number is changed. There are various reasons for this but one possible reason could be the change in your BSNL message center number. That’s why here we will tell you about the BSNL  SMS service center number. This will surely help you to fix BSNL SMS not sending issues on your device.

Want to know all the message center and SMS center number overviews for all the states in India? Well, here’s your chance! Follow these simple steps to get all the phone number overviews you need. Once you are taken to the results page for your search criteria (in this case, state), simply select the relevant message center or SMS center from the list below and copy/paste its complete telephone number into a text editor of your choice (such as Notepad).

BSNL Message Center /SMS Center Number

What is the BSNL Message Center Number?

Now that you have copied the phone number, you can either save it to a notepad file on your computer or dial it using any standard telephone service. To get all states BSNL message center / SMS center number overviews, details, follow these simple steps: 1. Firstly, enter your correct contact number in the ‘Search’ box above and click on ‘Go’. 2. Once you are on the results page, select the relevant message center or SMS center from the list and copy/paste its.

+919417099997 IS The BSNL Message Center Number. This SMSC number is a unique 10-digit number provided by BSNL which will help you to fix your BSNL message not sending problem. To get  the problem of not sending messages in your BSNL SIM number, all you need to do is replace your existing  BSNL with this number. But friends, keep in mind that the BSNL message center number is different for every state.  That’s why we have prepared a list for different states below, you can use it by looking at your state’s BSNL number.

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All States Updated List  BSNL Message Center Number

States Name Message Center Number
BSNL Message Center Number Andaman And Nicobar +919434024365
BSNL SMS Center Number Andhra Pradesh +919440024365
BSNL Message Center Number Assam +919435024365
BSNL SMS Center Number Bihar +919431224365
BSNL Message Center Number Chhattisgarh +919425201041
BSNL SMS Center Number Chennai +919444024365
BSNL Message Center Number Gujarat +919426024365
BSNL SMS Center Number Goa +919422024365
BSNL SMS Service center Number Haryana +919416024365
BSNL SMS Center Number Himachal Pradesh +919418024365
BSNL Message Center Number Jammu and Kashmir +919419024365
BSNL SMS Center Number Jharkhand +919431124365
BSNL Message Center Number Madhya Pradesh +919425124365
BSNL SMS Center Number Maharashtra +919422024365
BSNL Message Center Number Karnataka +919448024365
BSNL SMS Center Number Kerala +919447024365
BSNL Message Center Number Kolkata +919433024365
BSNL SMS Center Number Orissa +919437024365
BSNL Message Center Number Punjab +919417024365
BSNL Message Center Number Rajasthan +919414024365
BSNL Message Center Number Sikkim +919434024365
BSNL SMS Center Number Tamilnadu +919443024365
BSNL Message Center Number Telangana +919440024365
BSNL Message Center Number Hyderabad +919440024365
BSNL SMS Center Number Uttar Pradesh West +919412024365
BSNL Message Center Number Uttar Pradesh east +919415024365
BSNL SMS Center Number Uttaranchal +919412024365
BSNL Message Center Number West Bengal +919434024365

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Step by Step change BSNL message Centre number using USSD Code:

You can easily change your BSNL message Centre number using USSD Code by following the below steps.
Step 1: First, you have to dial *#*#4636#*#* on the keypad and make a call from your mobile number.

Step 2:You should click on the Phone Information and then scroll down to the bottom.

Step 3: Now, you have to go to the SMSC option and then tap the refresh option to see your existing mobile number.

Step 4: You have to change your corresponding SMS Center Number.

Step 5: Finally, you should click on the Update option on your device.

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SMS Center Number

SMS Center (SMSC) Number is used for handling SMS Operations on wireless Network Like Mobile networks. if you receive any SMS On Your Mobile, before reaching the SMS Center.

What Is The SMS Center Number?

Message center number is one of the important factors that manages the functioning of SMS sending and receiving processes. It is the medium of sending messages from one device to another device. So friends, are you also facing any problems in sending SMS from your BSNL number? If yes, then to get rid of this problem, almost every telecom company provides SMS service for its users, and similarly, BSNL has also provided the facility of SMSC number.

If you are also facing a problem in sending your SMS you are sending is not getting delivered and another person is not getting your message. To get rid of this problem, you may need to change the SMSC number for the message setting on your phone. SMSC number stands for “Short Message Service Center” number. BSNL forwards all the messages with the help of this SMSC number. And then this number sends your message fast. Now we hope that you have understood what is BSNL “Message Center Number Facility (SMSC).

How does it work?

A user sends a message> message reaches SMS center> SMS center forwards the message to its original recipient.

What Is The My BSNL SMS Center Number?

The BSNL SMS number is +919422099997. This number is valid for all the residents of Maharashtra. This is a unique 10 digit number provided by BSNL that will help you to fix your BSNL message not send issue. You simply need to replace your current SMS center number BSNL with this number to get rid of BSNL message not sending problem.

Steps to change SMS Center number for BSNL network:

Step 1: In the first step, you have to click on the Messages app on your Android phone.
Step 2: Next, you have to open the menu and then go to the settings.
Step 3: Now, you should go to the more settings option and then tap the text messages option.
Step 4: You have to go to the Message center menu and then replace the current message center number with your state message center number.
Step 5: Finally, you have to click on the save option on your android device.

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ALL Operators’ SMS Center Numbers

Operators Names Message Center Numbers
Airtel SMS Center Number +919895051914
Jio SMS Center Number +917010075009
Vodafone SMS Center Number +919846000040
Idea SMS Center Number +919847099996
Aircel SMS Center Number +919809099060
BSNL SMS Center Number +919440099997
Tata Docomo SMS center Number +91903205500
Reliance SMS center Number +919020000500
Telenor SMS center number +919084051550

BSNL SMS Center Number All States

BSNL SMS Center Number Phone Number
Andaman And Nicobar +919434024365
Andhra Pradesh +919440024365
Assam +919435024365
Bihar +919431224365
Chhattisgarh +919425201041
Chennai +919444024365
Gujarat +919426024365
Goa +919422024365
Haryana +919416024365
Himachal Pradesh +919418024365
Jammu and Kashmir +919419024365
Jharkhand +919431124365
Madhya Pradesh +919425124365
Maharashtra +919422024365
Karnataka +919448024365
Kerala +919447024365
Kolkata +919433024365
Orissa +919437024365
Punjab +919417024365
Rajasthan +919414024365
Sikkim +919434024365
Tamilnadu +919443024365
Telangana +919440024365
Uttar Pradesh west +919412024365
Uttar Pradesh east +919415024365
Uttaranchal +919412024365
West Bengal +919434024365


If you are looking for information on the message center number and details of BSNL, then this blog is for you. In this blog, we have provided a overview of the message center number and details of BSNL. By reading this blog, you will be able to know all you need to know about the message center number and details of BSNL.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the BSNL Message Center /SMS Center Number?

The BSNL Message Center / SMS Center number is generally handy for resolving problems with your broadband connection or for sending and receiving SM Ses. If you have any issues with your BSNL account, then you can always call the number and speak to customer service representatives. The number is also often listed on BSNL's website or app in case you need it at a moment's notice.

What are the benefits of using the BSNL Message Center /SMS Center Number?

The message center number of BSNL allows customers to get in touch with the company on various issues and concerns. Some of the services that are available through this number include updates about network status, outage reports, special offers and more. Additionally, the message center provides quick customer service support for a variety of services such as billing, account activation, and other inquiries.

Can I use SMS on my mobile phone to access the Messages from other operators too?

Yes, you can use SMS on your mobile phone to access messages from other operators. Simply send a short message that begins with MMS. And the message will be delivered as an MMS message to the recipient. You need to have a valid BSNL number and the latest version of BSNL SIM or Mobile Link if you wish to send and receive MMS messages on your mobile phone.

How can I use the BSNL Message Center /SMS Centre to stay connected with my family and friends?

The BSNL Message Center /SMS Centre is a great way to stay connected with your loved ones. You can use it to message and send SMS/MMS messages to your friends and family. It's also great for emergency purposes, as you can dial 100 from any BSNL network number to instantly get in touch with someone. Additionally, you can use it to check your messages, manage your contacts, and even send chat messages.

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