Airtel Call History 2024 How To Check Call History On Airtel Prepaid Number

Airtel Call History: Are you having trouble remembering your last call history on Airtel prepaid number? Don’t worry, this blog will help you out! In this post, we’ll be discussing the different ways you can check call history on your prepaid number, and also offer a brief overview of the call history on Airtel. So hurry up and read on to learn more.

Airtel is a leading telecom operator in India providing both prepaid and postpaid plans. The telecom provides useful features for its subscribers so that they can get to know their call history. While postpaid users can get the same by just opting for the itemized billing option, prepaid users can get it from the Airtel app or other ways.

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Airtel Call History

Want to know what calls were made on your Airtel prepaid number in the past 24 hours? No problem! Just call *#7072# from any phone, and you’ll be able to see a list of all the calls made on that number in the past day. Additionally, you can access this information by visiting airtel careersearch and entering your number there. This website also offers other handy Airtel services, like finding a job or a customer care number. So, whether you’re looking to check the call history of a particular contact or need to find a number for customer care, airtel careersearch is the perfect website for you.

As per TRAI (Telecom Regulatory Authority of India), telecom operators should keep a record of all transactions and activities such as outgoing calls, incoming calls, call records, recharges, SMS, data logs, etc. stored in their system for all the prepaid and postpaid mobile numbers for six months. After this period, these will be moved to tapes. This is a standard procedure for all operators in the country. In case of any requirement, the tapes that are stored securely will be referred.

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Airtel Call History Check

Airtel Call History for prepaid numbers-Type EPREBILL<space>MONTH NAME<space>YOUR EMAIL ID and send the SMS to 121. Suppose you want to know a complete call history of February month, then you have to write EPREBILL FEBRUARY [email protected] to 121.

Airtel Call History

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Airtel Call Details Check Online

You need to send an SMS to 121 with the text EPREBILL<space>MONTH NAME<space>YOUR EMAIL ID from your Airtel phone number. For example. To get Airtel call history details of  MARCH Month, Then type in this way: EPREBILL MARCH [email protected] to 121. After messaging EPREBILL Airtel through text SMS, Airtel will give you a confirmation message and you got an email shortly with your Airtel Call History.


Airtel Call Details for Postpaid Number

You don’t have to write your email address if you had an Airtel postpaid number. Simply text EPREBILL<space>MONTH NAME to 121. for example- Send a message like this EPREBILL MARCH to 121. Within a few minutes, Airtel will send you a confirmation message for their user to check Airtel call details.

How do I get my Airtel call history?

There may come a time when you need to check the call history on your Airtel prepaid number. Whether you’re trying to resolve a missed call or address an unanswered one, following these simple steps will help you get the job done. First, dial *200# from your registered mobile number. You will be asked to enter the customer’s login ID and password. Next, you will be able to view all calls made and received on the account within the last 90 days. This can be helpful in identifying any issues or concerns that need to be addressed.

Steps To Get Airtel Call History

  • First download Official Airtel Call History App from Play Store.
  • Now register for new account by email id.
  • Once your account created enter you mobile number.
  • Simply click on get call history option.
  • That’s it you will get your last 1 year call history.

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Why Should You Check Airtel Call History?

By checking the call history, you will get detailed insights into the list of contacts they called or received an incoming call from, along with the duration details. For example, you can trace the number they have been calling multiple times a day to know who they are talking to and how long they talk to people. If you suspect that your kid is under someone’s bad influence or is acting strangely for the past few days, you should check their Airtel call history. It shows you the details of people they have been in touch with. The crime department also checks the call history of the criminal, suspect, or victim to trace someone’s location. The best part is that you can check the call records of an Airtel number for absolutely free. Whether it is a postpaid number or a prepaid user, you can get a full history of the contacts the person called for the past couple of days along with other details.

Is it Possible to Check Call History in Airtel?

Yes, it is possible to get call history in Airtel. You need to follow simple steps for this purpose. The call history for your number includes both incoming and outgoing call details. As per TRAI, telecom operators need to keep a record of activities such as incoming calls, outgoing calls, SMS, data logs, and recharges for six months. So you can get call history for 6 months in a few simple steps. Now let us take a look at the steps to check your call history in Airtel. There can be different scenarios in which you need call history. For instance if you have lost any contacts from your device, then it is possible to get the details back by requesting call history. However, you can get the details back only if you have got income or outgoing calls from that number within the last 6 months.

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Airtel Call History From Using Ussd Code

This Ussd code method is one of the oldest methods to know your last call history, balance details, and your Airtel Sim recharge details.

  1. open your mobile phones dialer keypad.
  2. type the Ussd code that is *121*7#.
  3. *123# –  Airtel balance and validity check.
  4. (*121#),(*282#),(*121*9#)  – Airtel Sim number check.
  5. *121*1# – special offer of Airtel.
  6. *121*2# – Airtel data balance.
  7. *121*3#  – Airtel recharge with coupon code.
  8. *141# –  Airtel asks for Talk time service and Airtel calls me back on the SMS service.

Get The Call History From The Airtel Web Portal

  1. Open the airtel official website that is airtel. in
  2. Click the profile icon in the right corner of your mobile screen
  3. Then log in your airtel Sim number and set the password
  4. Select the call history option
  5. Type your airtel Sim number, finally click the submit button. Here you get the last three calls records of your airtel Sim number.

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Steps to get Airtel Call history details through online method

Whether you are holding a postpaid Airtel connection or prepaid Airtel connection, here are the steps you need to follow to know the call history for your number. Through this method, you can easily look for the Airtel call history last 6 months, and all time call records too. For the postpaid users, you can also check the Airtel number call details by sending an SMS to the company default number. Here are the steps you need to follow to get your call details.

  • Open your phone, and visit the official portal
  • On the right hand side corner of the screen, click on the profile icon.
  • Log in with the help of your Airtel mobile number and password.
  • For the first time users, click on the icon Get OTP to login.
  • Enter the OTP you have received on your mobile phone and give a click on enter.
  • On opening your account, the Dashboard shall open on your screen.
  • Select the option Call History.
  • Enter the Airtel mobile number you want the call history.
  • The call history of the last 3 numbers would appear.
  • Give a click on the submit button to have the Airtel last call records.
  • Open your messenger on your phone.
  • Send the message to Airtel customer care number 121. On sending the message, you are sure to receive a confirmation message and then the call history details on your mobile number from Airtel.

Recovering Deleted Call History in Airtel

Apart from deleted call history, you can also recover other things like deleted videos, images, contacts, etc. by merely using the Eases Android Data Recovery App available on Google Play Store. However, it should be noted that the app wouldn’t work on some phones, and would recover limited data. Hence, it is advisable to go through the terms and conditions regarding the software before using it for recovery.

Airtel Call Details through Airtel Application

Apart from EPREBILL Airtel, there is also another platform from where you can easily get the last call history for any Airtel number with ease. The steps given below can be followed by both prepaid and postpaid users.

  • Open your phone and go to Google Play Store
  • Download the Airtel Thanks app and select the language you prefer
  • Complete the entire sign in process after downloading the app
  • Give a click on My Airtel after which you have to give a click on Transaction History
  • On entering this page, you will be able to check on the latest transactions and recharges
  • Give a click on the tab Modify and select the month you are willing to have the call history


In this blog post, we are going to teach you how to check call history on Airtel prepaid number. We will provide instructions on how to access call history on Airtel prepaid number and how to check call history details. Hope you find this post helpful.

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