AEGON Religare EduCare Advantage Insurance Plan 2024 Benefits, Feature, Details, Reviews

AEGON Religare EduCare Advantage Insurance Plan – Educare is a traditional life insurance plan that guarantees payouts for your child’s college education over the past four policy years. Sum Assured is paid out in the final four years of the policy at rates of 50%, 25%, 25%, and 20%, respectively. There are two death benefit options that can meet your needs. In addition, this child plan provides bonuses, a loan facility, an accidental rider, a discount for high sum assured, and other benefits.

Do you want to secure yourself and your family against any unfortunate circumstances? If the answer to that question is yes, then AEGON Religare EduCare Advantage Insurance Plan 2024 is the right plan for you! This comprehensive insurance policy offers a wide range of benefits that can help you and your loved ones get through difficult times. From accidents and illness to financial support and legal assistance, this plan has everything you need to protect yourself and your loved ones. Ready to take the plunge? Let’s take a closer look!

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AEGON Religare EduCare Advantage Insurance Plan 2024

AEGON Religare Educare In addition to Plan is a Cash Back Plan with Reward Office. This plan is a Customary Partaking Plan with the choice of Restricted Pay. This plan can likewise be selected the kid’s future advantages. At the point when the Superior Paying Term is more than, 40% of the Aggregate Guaranteed is paid out as Ensured Payout in the following Strategy Commemoration and afterward 20% of the Total Guaranteed in the resulting 2 Approach Commemorations. At the point when the Approach Develops, the leftover 20% of the Total Guaranteed alongside gathered Rewards are paid as Development Advantage and the strategy ends.

In this Arrangement, 200% of the Total Guaranteed is known as the Capital Aggregate Guaranteed. Hence, in the event that the Existence protected bites the dust inside the arrangement residency, the Capital Aggregate Guaranteed + gathered Rewards are paid as Quick Passing Advantage and the strategy keeps on paying the Surefire Payouts according to plan.

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AEGON Religare EduCare Advantage Insurance Plan

Details AEGON Religare EduCare Advantage Insurance Plan

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Key Features of AEGON Religare Educare Plus Insurance Plan

Do you want to cover all your bases when it comes to health insurance? AEGON Religare Educare Plus insurance plan may be the perfect solution for you. This comprehensive health insurance plan covers a wide range of medical expenses, including hospitalization, surgery, and even dental care. Plus, it offers comprehensive coverage for mental health and substance abuse treatments. If you’re looking for a health insurance plan that gives you everything you need and more, then look no further than AEGON Religare Educare Plus.

  • This is a Customary Cash Back Plan with Reward office
  • Premium should be paid for a considerable length of time not as much as Strategy Residency
  • Reward will possibly accumulate if the initial three years expenses have been paid however the arrangement partakes in the Reward from first approach year itself.
  • 200% of the Aggregate Guaranteed + accumulated Rewards is paid to the candidate as Death Advantage in the event that the Existence
  • Safeguarded kicks the bucket inside the arrangement residency and the strategy keeps on paying Ensured Payouts
  • This arrangement offers ensured Payouts in the last 4 strategy commemorations:
  • 40% in the fourth last arrangement commemoration
  • 20% in the third last and second last arrangement commemoration, and
  • The excess 20% of the Aggregate Guaranteed + gathered Reward is paid as Development Advantage when the Approach Develops
  • There is extra Coincidental Demise, Inability and Dismantling Advantage rider accessible
  • This strategy offers High Total Guaranteed Markdown

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Benefits you get from AEGON Religare Educare Plus Insurance Policy

AEGON Religare Educare Plus is an insurance policy that provides a number of benefits to employees. These benefits include insurance for medical expenses, accidental death and dismemberment, maternity leave, and more. Here are some of the key benefits that you can expect from this policy.

Death Benefit –In the event of death of the Existence Guaranteed inside the arrangement residency, the candidate gets

  • Capital Sum Assured (i.e. 200% of the Sum Assured) +
  • Accrued Bonuses
  • Guaranteed Payouts as per schedule

Guaranteed Payouts—After the finish of the Superior Installment Term, the Surefire Payouts start:

End of the Policy Year% of Sum Assured
PT=14, PPT= 10PT=16, PPT=12PT=20, PPT=16
1420%+ Accrued Bonus= Maturity Benefit20%
1620%+ Accrued Bonus= Maturity Benefit
2020%+ Accrued Bonus= Maturity Benefit

Maturity Benefit – At the end of the Policy Tenure, the remaining 20% of the Sum Assured along with accrued Bonus is paid as Maturity Benefit and the policy terminates.

Income Tax Benefit –Life coverage charges settled up to Rs. 1,00,000 are permitted as a derivation from the available pay every year under segment 80C and the Development continues are tax exempt under area 10(10)D subject to satisfaction of agreements.

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Eligibility conditions & other restrictions in AEGON Religare Educare Plus Policy

Sum Assured (in Rs.)1,00,000No Limit
Policy Term (in years)14/1620
Premium Payment Term(PPT) (in years)10 for PT= 14

12 for PT=16

16 for PT=20

Entry Age of Life Insured (in years)2060 for PT= 14

59 for PT=16

55 for PT=20

Age at Maturity (in years)75
Premium (in Rs.)9800 p.a.No Limit
Payment modesYearly, Half-yearly and Monthly (ECS Only)

Additional Features and Benefits of AEGON Religare Educare Plus Plan

If you’re looking for a comprehensive health insurance plan that offers a variety of additional features and benefits, check out AEGON Religare Educare Plus. This plan includes a wide range of services, such as outpatient care, pediatric care, and more. Plus, it has a variety of coverages that make it perfect for people of all ages and needs. In addition, the plan has been designed with flexibility in mind, so you can always choose the coverage that’s right for you. So why wait? Get a quote today and see for yourself just how amazing this plan is!

Riders –There is 1 extra rider accessible in this approach
Incidental Demise, Incapacity and Dismantling Advantage rider

What happens if?

As an organization, your health and safety is of paramount importance. With AEGON Religare Educare Plus, you can rest assured that your employees are being well-protected from potential medical issues. In this article, we’ll take a look at additional features and benefits of the AEGON Religare Educare Plus plan. We’ll also discuss whether this is the right plan for your organization. Ready? Let’s go!

You stop paying the premium –In the event that you quit paying the charges, the approach would pass and all advantages would stop. On the off chance that no less than 3 years expenses have been paid, the strategy go on for a decreased Aggregate Guaranteed by being switched over completely to a Settled Up Strategy.
Paid-up Sum Assured= {(Total premiums received / Total premiums expected over the term) x (Sum Assured)- Guaranteed Payouts already paid}.
The settled up aggregate guaranteed for Death Benefit={(Total expenses got/Complete charges anticipated over the term) x (Capital Total Assured)}.
A Settled Up Strategy can likewise be resuscitated in no less than a long time from the date of first neglected premium.
You want to surrender the policy – There is a Guaranteed Surrender Value after 3 policy years
Surrender Value = Surrender value factor X Paid-Up Sum Assured
You want a loan against your policy –Credit office is accessible under this strategy following 3 arrangement long periods of a base measure of Rs 5000 and upto a most extreme measure of 60% of the Acquiescence Worth.
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