Aegon Religare Child Plan 2024 benefits, Features, Details, Reviews

Aegon Religare Child Plan 2024 – In July of 2008, Aegon Life Insurance Company Limited, formerly Aegon Religare Life Insurance Company Limited, began operations in India. Since then, the company has established itself as a significant player in the insurance sector. In India, AEGON Life is a major player in the financial services, life insurance, pension, and asset management markets. At the moment, the company has a significant share of the market and has introduced a variety of life insurance products that cater to a wide range of customer requirements at cost-effective premiums.

Do you want to know what Aegon Religare Child Plan 2024 has in store for you and your children? If so, keep reading! This post will discuss the various features of this popular child insurance plan, and give you an overview of what you can expect. We’ll also provide you with a sample policy document so that you can understand the details more clearly. So what are you waiting for? Get started with Aegon Religare Child Plan 2024 today!

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Aegon Religare Child Plan 2024

A child plan is a type of plan that takes care of the financial aspects of the child’s future in the event of their parent’s death. These plans are planned with the sole reason for safeguarding the youngster’s future and can have either the parent or the kid as the individual whose life is guaranteed under the arrangement. The term “deferment” refers to a delay in providing coverage for a few of the child’s early years if the plan covers the child’s life. Life insurance will kick in once the deferment period is over. Only the premiums paid are reimbursed if the child passes away during the deferment period.

When the child reaches the age of 18 and reaches maturity, he becomes the policy’s owner. This procedure is known as vesting. If the parent is covered by the plan, the company will waive all owed premiums in the event of the parent’s death in accordance with the plan’s built-in Premium Waiver clause, and the plan will continue. When the benefits are due, they will be paid.

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Aegon Religare Child Plan

Aegon Religare Child Plan 2024 Overview

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AEGON Life Child Plans

There are two types of child plans available to customers of AEGON Life Insurance. Let’s take a look at the various child plans that AEGON Life offers, along with their features and advantages. The AEGON Life child plan is perfect for parents who want to ensure their children have the best possible start in life. With this plan, your children will receive a monthly allowance that they can use to cover any expenses they might have – from school fees to clothes and toys. Plus, there are no investment requirements, so you can rest assured that you’re always guaranteed a return on your money. Why not give the AEGON Life child plan a try today?

Aegon Life EduCare Advantage Insurance Plan

It can be hard to know what insurance policies to get when you’re starting a new business. That’s where the Aegon Life EduCare Advantage plan comes in. This plan is designed for small businesses that are just starting out, and it offers a variety of unique features that can help your business survive and grow. Here are a few of the benefits that you can enjoy with the Aegon Life EduCare Advantage plan.

a standard plan for getting money back that says you’ll get money back at regular intervals to help the child pay for things. The plan offers the following features and benefits:

  • The plan is eligible to receive bonuses and shares in the company’s profits.
  • Premiums are only paid for a specific amount of time. If an insured person dies during the plan’s term, the nominee will receive the
  • greater of 10 times the annual premium or the Sum Assured, including any vested bonuses, up to a maximum of 105% of all premiums
  • paid up to the insured person’s death. Money back is paid out in the plan’s final four years. In the fourth year, the rate of money back was 40% of the Sum Assured, and it will be 20% every year until maturity.
  • Aegon Life ADDD Rider can be accessed through the plan, which provides additional benefits in the event of accidental death,
  • dismemberment, or disability. On maturity, the final installment of the money back, which is 20% of the Sum Assured, and the vested bonuses are paid. Loans can be obtained through the plan up to a maximum of 60% of the surrender value and a minimum of Rs. 5000.

Eligibility Details

Entry Age20 years60 years
Maturity Age75 years
Policy Term14, 16 or 20 years
Sum AssuredRs.1 lakhNo limit
Annual Premium AmountDepends on the cover, age, term and PPT
Premium Payment Term10, 12 or 16 years
Premium Payment FrequencyYearly, half-yearly or monthly

AEGON Life Insurance offers

Entry Age1 to 50 years
Maturity Age65 years
Policy Term5, 7, 9 Years
Sum AssuredRs. 10k for yearly, Rs. 7500 for half, and 1500 for monthly.
Premium PaymentSingle, regular, and limited payments available/ Yearly, half-yearly, and monthly

Aegon Life Rising Star Insurance Plan

a unit-linked child plan in which the premium is paid throughout the plan’s duration. The following are the plan’s features:

  • Accelerator Fund, Stable Fund, Secure Fund, and Debt Fund are the company’s four different fund options. The plan also includes an Income Benefit Rider and a Premium Waiver Rider.
  • The Premium Waiver Rider eliminates future premiums and immediately pays the Sum Assured, including any additional Sum
  • Assured, upon the insured’s death. After that, under the Income Benefit Rider, a sum equal to one premium is paid annually until maturity, and the fund value is paid at maturity if the policyholder is still alive. This value can be accessed in one lump sum or over the next five years through the Settlement Option.
  • Each year, four free partial withdrawals and switches are available.

Eligibility Details

Entry Age of the parent18 years48 years
Entry age of the child1 day15 years
Maturity Age65 years
Policy Term25 years – entry age of the child
Sum AssuredHigher of 10/7 times the annual premium or 0.5/0.25*term*annual premium18 / 10 times the annual premium
Annual Premium AmountRs.20, 000No limit
Premium Payment TermEqual to the policy term
Premium Payment FrequencyYearly, half-yearly or monthly

How To Apply for a Child Plan from the company Online?

  • The company only provides online access to specific plans.
  • The customer only needs to access the company’s website,
  • select the appropriate plan, select the coverage, and enter the necessary information.
  • The filled-in information will be used to calculate the premium.
  • The customer will then be issued a policy after paying the premium online using a credit card, debit card, or net banking facility.

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Why do you need to opt for a Child Plan?

The most important responsibility he has as a parent is to take care of the child and save enough money to ensure the child’s future. As overprotective parents, we always end up thinking a lot about our children because we want the best for them. However, in the world of today, mere thought is insufficient. In fact, it never was sufficient. You would have needed to think, plan, save, and invest in order to get a good return when the child actually needed the money for college. We have been thinking and dreaming a lot about our children as parents. whether he wants to be a doctor, an engineer, a fashion designer, an architect, or something else entirely.

Therefore, simply saving money for your child’s future in a piggy bank will not be possible due to inflation, which devalues money. Therefore, you must begin the investment immediately! The ideal time to begin is when you recognize the need for investment. Is a good way to give your child a good investment for the future as soon as you start your investment plan for them!

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